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What is a Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)?

  • It is a major event that Toastmasters host to nurture the development of leadership skills.
  • All Toastmasters (both non-officers & officers) should attend.

Why should I attend a TLI?

  • Become inspired.
  • Learn leadership & communication skills.
  • Expand your circle of instruction and influence.
  • If you are a club officer, receive in-depth club officer training.

Keynote by Garrett Gray

Create Your Legend

What do Toastmasters and Improv have in common?

Garrett and Mike Scampini will join forces to teach Improv. If you attend this workshop, you will pick up the following tools for success:

  1. Improve Communication Skills
    Learn how to pay close attention to others and act on what you hear in the moment. The tool of active listening will allow you to communicate better with your friends, family, and coworkers. You will also receive training on how to remember names instantly!
  2. Build Self-Confidence
    Pick up basic tips to overcome nervousness and adapt quickly in the moment.
  3. Make Substantial Progress
    You will learn in improv that there are no mistakes, only gifts. Everything that happens is a learning experience. It is okay to make mistakes. The method is to Fail Forward!
  4. Effective Team Building
    With a "Yes, and" attitude, you will learn how to take ideas, innovate, and build them into something amazing!
  5. Have Fun
    The exercises will show you how much fun you can have from different situations throughout your day. 

Why is this TLI so different from previous ones?

That is why this TLI will be legendary. But, don't worry there will be other outstanding leadership workshops and officer training.

Garrett Gray: Keynote

Do YOU want to be ordinary or LEGENDARY?

Contrary to popular belief legends aren't born--they are made!

How to elevate YOUR Toastmaster game to LEGENDARY Status!

How YOU can make your Toastmaster club LEGENDARY!

LEGENDS don't wait!

Create YOUR LEGEND Today!

Location & Directions

St. Charles Municipal Center
Two Main Street
St Charles, IL 60174

Save the Date

Sat. July 22, 2017 8:30 AM